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January 07, 2010

To the future!

Now that we've entered a new year, and a new decade at that, it's time to look into the future. I've lots of plans for this year, both big ones and little ones, and it's exciting to have a new, shiny year ahead of me.

I occasionally find it hard to muster up the energy and motivation to do things and I was a little disappointed in how little I got done last year. So, in an effort to keep creating and to get things done this year, I made myself a chart to keep a log of all the days I do something creative, be it sewing, taking photos, drawing or even making a quick doodle to jot down an idea. Every day I create, I get to colour in on my chart and I hope it will be a riot of colour with nary a white square to be seen by the end of the year!

creativity chart

I'm also thinking about the future of Rag Pets, and I truly hope to finally get a shop up and running this year, our bookcase is fairly bursting with Rag Pets eager to move to new homes!
I also just re-drew my base Rag Pet pattern, the old one was in rather bad shape after years of use. While at it, I thought about trying something similar I did with the rag-snowflakes, and maybe drawing patterns for Rag Pets completely freehand. I really liked the sketch-like, more organic looking quality doing patterns that way gives and it's something I'd like to translate to the rest of my work too.

I'm really looking forward to the rest of this year and what it might bring!


Wow, what a great way to head into the new year.....makes me feel very inadequate*L*

I love the idea of the chart! At the end of the year it would make a fantastic memorabilia quilt if you matched each coloured square to a same coured quilt block!

Holly xx

You inspire me!
I love the idea of a chart, although I'm not sure I could be so disciplined and fill it out every time. On the other hand, should I count knitting/crochet as being creative? In that case, I am creative almost every day.

For me, I think I would prefer to count the days when I am actually creating something that is my own design or developing an idea. Knitting is more like eating or breathing... :-)

I adore this idea and am going to draw up something similar today- and then enjoy colouring in the squares.......see already I am totally confident and enthusiastic! Love it-thankyou! Happy new year!

Christina, this really does make me look a whole lot more organized than I really am. I exist in a state of perpetual chaos and things like this are what I try to use to bring some order to it all. :)

Holly, maybe I should add "learn how to quilt" to my list of things to accomplish this year. This would really make a neat quilt once the year is over.

Tove, I've been really struggling with what to count as being creative. Should it be something that's more towards work (like rag pet stuff and such) or can I count things I do for fun (dolly photos, doodling etc.) too... So far I've only coloured in days that I feel like I've accomplished something.

Melissa, Yay! I hope your chart will be a veritable rainbow by the end of the year! :)

I'm really curious about the colors you chose to color in the chart. Does a color have a meaning or are you just choosing them as you go along? I love this sort of ideas and I hope you'll stick with your plan.

I also hope you'll finally finish your rag pet calendar :)

Greetings from Slovenia *wave*


please can we see your calendar now?

Cat, I'm going to post about my calendar come New Year's Eve. :)

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