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January 01, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy 2011 everyone!

Happy new year everyone! 2011 is the year of the rabbit, and I hope this year will be as wonderful as fluffy little bunnies are cute! :)

I posted about my Creativity Chart before, and here it is all done and filled:

2010 creativity chart

It was really nice to colour in those little squares every day I did something creative and leaving one blank does feel a bit bad. So I can happily say that the Creativity Chart worked! I made myself a new one today, and I hope this one will be a lot more colourful than the one before. I don't usually make any new year's resolutions, but I've decided that this year I'll try to do more, make more and simply live more.

With 2010 being gone and 2011 freshly arrived, it's that exciting time when you have a brand new shiny year just waiting to be lived. All those days to do things, for stuff to happen and for experiences to be experienced. It's quite heady to think of all that time unfolding ahead of you really. Now all that's left to do is, well, to get on with it!


oh, i love your creativity chart! perhaps i should make myself one too. happy 2011!

The chart looks so pretty! Happy New Year ♥

It's really great to see your Chart colored! I think I'll make one for myself as well and I hope it'll be at least half as colorful as yours is.

And I love your bunny illustration! You have such a cool way of thinking.

I wish you one really memorable year - but only in a great, positive way.

The creativity chart is an awesome idea. Mine would probably be blank most of the time but I think I may rework it and turn it into a chore chart for my little guy, then he can color it and come up with a cool design/image for the fridge!

Happy to met your blog again :)
I din't see it on your blogger profile (so silly!!)

oh! I love this idea of the creativity Chart!! it looks great!
Hope you have a super happy and creative new year ♥

this is a lovely and inspiring idea, i think i will make one for myself!

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