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March 03, 2009

Happy Hinamatsuri!

Today is Hinamatsuri, which is also known as Doll Festival or Girl's Day. Hinamatsuri obviously isn't celebrated here in Finland, but I still like to keep it in my own way, because I love dolls. :)

Teddybear's picnic

In celebration, the rag-bears had a picnic in our entryway, since it's still very much winter outside, with even more snow falling today. Nelly (on the left in blue), Patty (on the right in pink) and Winnie (who's played by Noëlle, because I didn't have any toffee wool left, in the middle in green) had yummy muffins, berry pies, cookies and marshmallows with strawberry juice, while sitting on their picnic-blanket on the...um, astroturf.


I'm going to have a proper introduction for the rag-bear triplets once I get some more toffee wool to make a proper Winnie and maybe when we have real grass for the photoshoot. :)


Happy Hinamatsuri to you and your dolls, Eerika! :D
What a delicious looking display!

They could have another tea party on Sunday to celebrate Naisten päivä!

Thank you Ro! :)

And Amanda, I'm actually going to be having a tea part of sorts on Sunday; I'm attending a tea ceremony at Tokuyûan (http://www.urasenke-finland.org/tokuyuan.shtml) in Suomenlinna. :)

I just had a pic-nic with one of my best girl-friends ... That same day !
Funny :)

I didn't know this Celebration ! I'll write it down for next year !

x x x

How was tea!? Also you have been nominated for an Honest Scrap award!- please see my blog!

They are so sweet and perfect for today! Happy Spring!

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