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March 01, 2009

Yummy craft loot!

I went to the Craft Fair today, and now my feet are aching, but I'm super happy! I really like this particular fair, there's always really great suppliers and crafters there and lots and lots of fabulous crafty goodies to splurge on.

Craft Fair loot

I got some sorely needed air-erasable fabric markers, and I found brilliant big buttons! The biggest buttons are about 26 cm in circumference and I think they might become brooches and head-dresses in the future. The smaller ones will most likely end up as the same but for Rag Pets.

Yummy fabric

I found gorgeous, soft linen at the fair. I've been looking for linen like this for ages, and I'm so happy that I found a Finnish supplier with very reasonable prices. I had 10 meters of lovely un-dyed linen that I got from my gran (who got it in Tallinn), but I ran out of it some time back. I love working with linen, how it becomes soft when you handle it and even how pure, untreated linen smells.
I also got yummy printed quilting cottons from a shop I buy from every time I go to the craft fair.

New craft supplies always make me happy and inspired, and I already have lots of ideas for my new craft goodies. :)


Oooh, those fabrics certainly are yummy. I can't wait to see what you create with them. Enjoy your Sunday!

love the huge button! ^^

I love the fabrics...so pretty

LOVE those fabrics!

I can't find big buttons ANYWHERE for my daughters blanket...any ideas?

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