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November 05, 2009


First snow fell here last night and by coincidence, my rag-snowflakes arrived in New York the same time! The snow continued falling here through the night and only let up just now. Everything is beautiful and white and the there's an almost christmassy mood about.
Inspired by the actual real snow, here's some more photos of the rag-snowflakes I made for the Luv-able + Hug-able show.

Snowflake no. 1

Snowflake no. 1's skirt
(Click on the pictures to see them bigger in my Flickr.)

Snowflake no. 1 is an unique medium snowflake. She's 35 cm tall from the top of her blobs to the tip of her toes. She's made out of cotton velvet and linen and she has an appliqued stripy cotton nose. Snowflake number 1's eyes are little buttons and she has a pretty frilly silk skirt with a velvet ribbon waistband and a decorative pearly heart-shaped button.

Snowflake no. 2

Snowflake no. 2's trousers

Snowflake no. 2 is an unique smallish snowflake and he's 30 cm tall from his blobs to his toes. He's made out of cotton flannel and has dapper stripy cotton trousers with elastic band suspenders and mother-of-pearl buttons. His nose is appliqued linen and his eyes are little buttons.

Snowflake no. 3

Snowflake no.3's skirt

Snowflake no. 3 is an unique small snowflake and she's 25 cm tall from top to toes. She's made from velvet and linen and she has a cute cotton eyelet-lace skirt. Her nose is appliqued plaid cotton and her eyes are little buttons.

Snowflake no. 4

Snowflake no. 4's pants

Snowflake no. 4 is an unique little snowflake. He's 20 cm tall and he's made out of cotton flannel. His nose is appliqued plaid cotton and his eyes are little buttons. Snowflake number 4's smart plaid pants have two decorative buttons on them.

Snowflake no. 5

Snowflake no. 5's PJs

Snowflake no. 5 is an unique tiny snowflake and she's 15 cm short from her toes to the top of her blob. She's made out of velvet and she has an appliqued linen nose and little bead eyes. She's wearing cozy flannel pyjamas with two buttons on the back.

All of the snowflakes are stuffed with rags (torn up old sheets) and wool and love. They will be for sale at the show at Gallery Hanahou, should any of you want a snowflake of your own to hug.


I didnt know you were blogging! Hello! These look so lovely held in wintery gloves.

Christina, I've been blogging here for a bit over a year now. I guess I should have made a bigger to-do when I started, most people don't seem to know that I keep a blog! :)

I want a snowflake too!!
Maybe if me and the snowflake perform a snow dance it will start to snow here^^

These are AMAZING.... i found your work through twitter and it's beautiful. I need to purchase a snowflake or two :)

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