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December 23, 2009

Rudolf in the snow

I trudged through knee deep snow to take photos of my Christmas Rag Pet today, but unfortunately my camera's battery didn't much like the cold and it up and died after just a few photos. Also, a little snow -or sleet, to be more exact- storm hit about the same time the battery popped it's clogs, so I decided that it's best to trudge back home from the forest and go back for more photos when the weather is better and the battery fully charged again.

Christmas Rag Pet sneak peek

So, Rudolf the rag-reindeer is still waiting to have a proper photo shoot, but I thought I'd post the few photos I did get of him today any way, since he is my Christmas Rag Pet, and with Christmas Eve just a day away, he deserves to make his introductions in time for it.

Rudolf sitting in the snow

Rudolf, or Rudy as his friends call him, is an ace at orienteering. He's got a very keen sense of direction and he's really good at reading maps.
He's made out of soft grey wool and his handsome antlers are made out of dark grey velvet. He has a lovely little tail too, but I didn't get a photo of it this time round.
Rudy is wearing a red wool waistcoat with ric-rac and button trim and a warm knitted woolen scarf. And he's very glad to make your acquaintance. :)


Hello Rudolf! You look very smart in your scarf and vest.

Rudolf! You're very dashing!

Merry Christmas, Eerika!

Rudy is so sweet.

I saw some of my own deer on Christmas night in Australia. Feral deer that is. But still it was lovely to see three adults and a bambi crossing the road to head to the golf course for a drink of water and some grass munching.

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