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January 25, 2010

perhaps, maybe, possibly

I firmly believe that there is nothing that's impossible if you just try, and that there are no sorrier words than "could have been". So, with that, I've decided to try my luck and I'm going to submit an article to Stuffed Magazine in the hopes that it might get published.

I'm going to make a very special rag-elephant for my submission, as you can see bellow.

plotting & planning...
(Click on the image to see it better.)

I still need to get a few bits and bobs yet, but here's some of the fabrics I'm planning on using for Edgar:

Edgar fabrics

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I sometimes find it hard to come by the motivation to work, but I'm really excited about getting Edgar put together! It's nice to have a real purpose for the Rag Pets I make, instead of them just ending up sitting in the living room bookcase waiting for the day I get my shop done. I've also had the idea of a superhero Rag Pet -being a bit of a comics & superheroes geek myself- rolling around my head for a long while now, so it's super to have a special something to make it for. And of course it would be absolutely awesome to have my work published in Stuffed!
Onward and upward! :)


I am going to say: DEFINITELY! :-D

Very cool idea, Im doing a series of Girl Heroes just now, as a late thing for the Japanese Lovable Huggable, the little masks just make them so much cuter! Good luck.

Christina, I'm hoping super heroes will be this year's "thing", like vampires were last year.
I can't wait to see your Girl Heroes, they're super in any form!

fingers crossed for you and your super toy!

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