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April 23, 2010

Candy for the ears

This and the previous month have been not so good creative-wise for me. I have a strong yearning to create, but my lack of motivation and energy seems to be even stronger. I really wish I knew the "why" for this absence of drive, and had the "how" to get my creative groove back... As a result, this poor blog has been quite forgotten and neglected.
So, in an effort to break out of the blahs and to start making my way around this block, and to share more about myself and my life asides from the Rag Pets too, I thought I'd post about something that inspires me no end and that I can not do without while at the workroom: music.

In addition to abundant amounts of musicals and Disney soundtracks (there's nothing better to pick you up when you're feeling down!) I mostly listen to artists and bands very few others have heard of or music that is, in a manner of speaking, an acquired taste. I try to pick music to fit what I'm doing or how I'm feeling at the moment, be it good or bad. And there's no other who seems to always have a song to fit any mood I'm in than Tom Waits. I'm a huge, big fan of Mr Waits, and his music has kept me company at the work room more often than not.

I like this particular song ("Everything you can think of is true" from the album "Alice"), because I firmly believe that nothing is impossible if you just try, that you can do anything you can think of if you just set your mind to it!
The world of Tom Waits' songs might not always be the happiest nor the brightest, but there's always hope there, a silver lining to every strange, raspy, whiskey soaked cloud; you might be in the gutter, but you're still looking up at the stars. I also very much enjoy the moody "circus from the wrong side of the tracks" feel of Waits' songs.

Speaking of twisted carnival music, I also listen to a lot of The Tiger Lillies. This is very much music that you either love or hate, for sordid songs about unfortunate souls who often meet rather unsavory fates, all sung in a falsetto aren't really to everyone's tastes.

This particular song is from The Tiger Lillies' "Shockheaded Peter" show, with songs based on the cautionary children's tales from the book of the same name.
A word of warning though, a lot of The Tiger Lillies' music is not safe for work or delicate sensibilities. Their sense of humor is really very dark and the subject matter of some songs could make a sailor blush!

As for music that's suitable for even younger ears and that's pretty sure to make you giggle a little bit, there's always Twink.

The beauty of Twink's music is that most of the instruments they use are toys and ordinary household objects, with one of Mike Langlie's (who's the band's leader) many toy pianos featuring in every song. You can learn more about Twink, and experience their wonderful candy coloured rainbow aesthetic on their own site, here: http://www.twink.net/

To wrap up this musical post, here's a song that always makes me smile:

Boku wa kuma = I am a bear

While I don't actually understand much Japanese, or know anything asides from this one song of Utada Hikari's music, I do know that at one point in the song the bear sings something to the effect of:
"In the evening I say "Good night Mr Pillow!"
In the morning I say "Good morning Mr Pillow!""
and that always gives me a giggle. :)


Thank you for sharing your favorite songs...I love the video of boku wa kuma!!!

I, too, have so much inertia to create. It will pass, I can assure you.

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