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May 26, 2010

Oh hello there!

It's been a while since I last popped by here, but I'm trying not to feel bad about not blogging all that often. Tartx has a really great post about blogging without obligation: http://www.tartx.com/blog/?page_id=233 and it's a philosophy I fully support. I don't want this blog that's so very dear to me to become something of a burden, and I don't want to have to churn out posts if I don't have a reason to post.

This post does have a reason, and that reason is a super one: I'm going to be exhibiting at PlushYou! in Seattle this fall! I'm really chuffed to be a part of the show again, and to get to share my work with the world. :)

decisions, decisions

I'm famously bad at making decisions; I will take forever to pick what to eat at a restaurant, and then change my mind once more while I'm ordering and choosing what to wear can take ages and many a wardrobe change before I make it out the door, wishing I would have worn something else instead. So I'm hoping you lot would be able to help me to make up my mind as to what theme I should go with for my pieces. To that end, here's a little poll:

a) circus
b) forest
c) space

Leave a comment with your vote as to which theme would be best, I'll tally up the results, and hope not to change my mind too many times over! :)


Definitely forest!!
I think that it is a great theme for your lovely toys.

I am overly partial to space, myself.

I vote space!! Can't wait to see the outcome :)

I like forest the best...all animals belong in the forest but not all can be circus or space animals. I also love nature and green so I'm voting for forest!

Will you be attending the show in person?

Hmmm, i like them all but I have to go with forest ^^

I'd definitely go with space, it should be a nice challenge.

I'd totally go with circus. I'm sure it's the next big thing!

I vote Circus! I just lovelovelove your Rag Pets - I can't wait to see them all done!

i say forest :)

How long do you spend writing on your blog per month?

Radu, that depends, some months I barely manage to churn out one post (it usually takes about an hour to write up a simple entry) and other months I write post after post after post!

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