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July 16, 2010

Blog birthday!

Today marks two full years of Rag Pet blogging. What with my creative dry spell drying up my enthusiasm for blogging of late, it really looks like my little blog has entered the terrible twos! :)
Despite fluctuating activity on my part, you, my dear readers have been very active these past years. An astounding 20781 of you have visited my little blog since I made my very first post here two years back and on average approximately 28 folks pop by here per day. I'd like to say a huge big thank you to all of you, it still surprises and delights me how many people come visit this little corner of the web.

cake bird

This being a blogging anniversary and thus something unique to life on the internet as it were, I thought I'd list where else me and the Rag Pets can be found on the net:

I really like Twitter! I tweet quite a lot and I avidly follow all my Twitter-friends' doings too. I would love to get new followers!

The Rag Pets have their own page on Facebook, that you can become a fan of, or "like", as it's called now days. There really isn't a lot on the Rag Pet Facebook page yet, since I'm not quite sure how to work it and I have to admit that I mostly use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and to play Pet Society. :)

I post on Flickr a lot, and it's the best place to have a peek at my day to day life asides from Twitter.

I've had a gallery on DeviantArt for ever and ever, and if you're interested seeing more of my work besides just the Rag Pets and the occasional doodle I post here, DA is the place to go.

gift bird

Speaking of neat things on the internet, I strongly suggest you visit the truly awesome blogs listed on the right of the page too. Each one of the blogs on that list has a super talented person behind it, and I'm sure they'd all appreciate a visit just as much as I appreciate getting visitors come by my blog.


Congrats on the big #2! ^_^
Loving my Rag Pet Kit

Onnea uhmaikäisen blogin kanssa ;o

Happy happy birthday Rag pets :D

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