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July 23, 2010

Good deeds

learning to fly

Edgar Edwards, a.k.a. Super Elephant, is pretty much ready to go off to do good deeds and all sorts of superhero-y stuff. I might still fiddle around with his emblem on his cape a bit and make his tail tidier, but in the meantime, he's getting a feel for flying and some relief from the hot summer weather too.
I still need to write my article to send off with Edgar in the hopes that it and Edgar will be published in Stuffed Magazine. Writing isn't one of my stronger skills (I much prefer to read instead), so I'm afraid getting the article written might take a fair while...

While I'm on the subject of doing good deeds, I'd like to encourage everyone to have a look at The Kiva Organisation. Kiva (it's a Swahili word which means "unity" or "agreement") is making it possible for ordinary people to do good deeds and help alleviate poverty by lending money to poor entrepreneurs in the developing world so that their businesses can grow and that they can improve their and their families lives. You choose who to lend to, and all the loans are paid back in full, so you can lend the money onward to another business or pop it back into your bank account. The money goes to fund things like sewing machines, livestock or a myriad of other needful things for running a myriad of different businesses and even a little will change lives for the better.


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