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September 02, 2010

Stuffing and some other stuff

After reading Hop Skip Jump's post about stuffing and Peng Peng's recent post about re-stuffing her friend's old soft toy, I'm inspired to post about stuffing too, since I find stuffing to be rather interesting stuff.


I mostly use rags; old sheets and other bed linens I get from friends and family (and in a pinch from secondhand shops), that I tear into strips. The fabric of old sheets is super soft, so the more worn and threadbare they are the better!
I also use either polyfill or cotton batting. I get my polyfill at the big local fabric store, it's super cheap and super nice too! It has good loft to it, and gives plushies a nice light, "springy" feel. My cotton batting is from NearSea Naturals. It feels ever so lovely, and it even smells nice! It packs in a bit tighter than the polyfill, and gives a stiffer feel.
I'd love to use wool for stuffing, especially during the colder months of the year, but I've yet to find some at a reasonable price. I find that wool as stuffing gives pretty much the perfect mix of polyfill's and cotton batting's feel. It packs in tight, but still stays soft. So far all my stuffing wool has come from Tallinn, and I'm wanting to make another trip there for more wool and other supplies. That, and it's a gorgeous city with super cafés and restaurants and always worth a visit no matter why!

my lovely light tent

I got a light tent as a birthday present from my dad. It's really brilliant, and while I'm still leanring how to put it to use properly, I'm very happy to have the use of it now that the days are getting shorter and darker. My pieces for Plush You! were the first to have a whirl in it.


Very interesting read! I used to know all about stuffing when I made teddy bears, back in the days. I still have some of that antique-looking stuffing that smells a little funny, but packs quite tightly. Not sure what material it is, but perhaps unbleached cotton?

i agree with you on the wool. Im not sure where to find it to buy for stuffing, but it stays very nice and springy even when you have to pack it tightly

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