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October 01, 2010

My Blog-more Month

I've mentioned "blogging without obligation" before, and I still stand by that philosophy very much. But still... I do feel a little bad about neglecting my blog, mostly because I find that I do more when I blog more. So, with a new month hopefully bringing with it new vigor, I'm challenging myself to post at least one blog-post per week this month, in the hopes that I'll get more done this month too!

I'm not doing this challenge alone, the many-talented Nina of Made by Nini is taking up the challenge to blog more as well. And if any of you feel like taking part in the Blog-more Month too, please do! I might even make a special little badge-thingy for this. :)
I had the pleasure of meeting Nina in person last week, when she was on holiday here in Helsinki. We enjoyed the unexpectedly gorgeous autumn weather, saw some sights, shopped a bit and talked a whole lot about everything under the sun, although mostly about all sorts of crafty stuff. It was brilliant to meet someone who you've only known online before and instantly have a connection with them, and to share the joy of making things with a fellow crafter. It really illustrated how absolutely amazing the crafty community can be.

As well as it being nice to have record of what I've made, thought about and done over the years, the craft community is a big reason for why I blog. It's super to be a part of the community and to be able to share my love of soft toys, my work and my life with others of like mind. And it's just as super to get to share others' love of crafts, their work and their life through their blogs too.
Another big reason I have for keeping a blog is simply habit. I've kept a diary since I was little and I started keeping a separate "work diary" (a sketchbook where I jot down ideas, design sketches, thoughts, bits of inspiration and notes) in school. I still carry a sketchbook with me everywhere! In the picture bellow you can see my work diaries from 1997 (when I started my costumier-sudies & my first work-diary) to my current sketchbook all piled up.


So with that, my Blog-more Month commences! :)


Awesome! Lookin' forward to many a blog post from you.

This is a great post. You summed up everything so nicely. And I thank you for your sweet words and the introduction :)

BooBoo sure is a cherry-on-top for the photo you took. You always do such a perfect job.

I'm really looking forward to your future posts as I know they will be packed with surprising things ;)

Happy crafting and blogging!

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