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October 23, 2010

Sartorial Saturday

Inspired by Holly's (of Two Cheese Please) recent post about the treasure trove that is ModCloth and by the big pile of old Japanese fashion magazines I just got from a friend, I thought I'd post about clothes too.

As a costumier by training, clothes and fashion have always been close to my heart. When I was a kid I would change clothes three times a day, and not because I had gotten them dirty, but because simply I could. I also loved dress-up games and I made extensive wardrobes for my dolls and plushies and I'd spend hours just dressing them all up. Now a big part of the Rag Pets is their outfits; like with creating costumes, the clothes the Rag Pets wear help give them a personality, a story.

I don't really follow fashion nor do I care for the latest trends, and I never have, but I still think what you wear tells a whole lot about you. What's most important though, is that you feel like yourself in what you wear and that your clothes tell the story you want to tell.
My personal style could be best described as "mori-girl", Forest Girl. Mori-girl is a style that got it's start in Japan some years back, and emphasises natural materials and colours, comfort and a fairytale feel. There's also a strong Slavic and Scandinavian feel to the look. The mori-girl style basically embodies all the things I most like and enjoy when it comes to all things sartorial. If I were very rich (and had easy access to Japanese shops), I'd buy all my clothes from brands like Franche Lippee and SM2.

And now to round off this rather rambly entry, here's some pictures of lovely clothes from Franche Lippee and SM2 for you to look at:

Franche LippeeFranche Lippee
These pretties are by Franche Lippee.

And these lovely things are by SM2.

Oh, to have the means to have a boundless wardrobe of wonderful clothes! :)


I seem to be mori oriented too, lately. Or if I see something that makes my heart go wild :D Like the dress with the drawn girl the second model is wearing for instance (http://www.attrattivo.gr/). I was so lucky to be there when they got it (in Greece) but it seems we can't really buy them elsewhere... which sucks...

Nice clothes in shops you are mentioning too. We should sew more! :D

Man the damage I could do on clothes stores internationally if I were rich! At the moment I just op shop instead - that way I feel like I'm buying heaps of new clothes but they're only costing me around $4 a pop! Score!

I love Mori Girl fashion style. Some day I have to make a trip to Japan to buy fabric and just soak up the fashion.

Holly xx

I absolutely love the first outfit, it's so me!
I wish that I could make clothes myself but I had a horrible crafts teacher that traumatized me.
Mori girl fashion is so me, I wish I had outfits like that.

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