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February 04, 2011

New things

A new year always brings with it new things and new beginnings.

I started a 365 Pictures Project this month, I'm going to try and take a photo every day for a whole year. It was a bit of a spur of the moment decision this, but since I now have an iPhone with a rather nice camera and growing love for brilliant and fun photography apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, I think I have a fair chance of seeing this through! It's nice to challenge myself, to see if I can stick to this and if I can come up with 365 photos that aren't all of the cat!
You can follow my progress of taking 365 pictures over on Flickr:

The cat would like some food now, please 3/365

Another new thing I've started is a Tumblr blog. All the cool kids seem to have one, and I'd like to be a little bit cool so I thought I'd make one too. I also have a whole lot of pretty pictures and things that I've collected and I thought it'd be nice to share them with others to be inspired by too instead of just stuffing them into a folder.

Tumbling on Tumblr 4/365

You can find my Tumblr here: http://passengerpigeon.tumblr.com/
I thought long and hard about the name for my Tumblr, and I settled on Passenger Pigeon, because the "passenger" in passenger pigeon comes from the French word passager, meaning "to pass by", which is apt since my Tumblr will be a collection of bits and bobs I've come by while surfing about and that have caught my fancy. And of course, because pigeons are most awesome!

The last new thing is actually old news now, but since I'm a little bit behind on my feeds, it's still somewhat new to me: I was featured on the Absolutely Small blog! :)
Contrary to the answers I gave in the interview which I did at the end of last year, I just finished "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen which was magical and whimsical and I'm now reading "Driving Sideways" by Jess Riley which is wonderfully funny. The teddy bear making course I mentioned is over, but I'm still working on my Storybook Rag Pets. The "flu buster"-tea recipe is still current, with spring's flu season ahead of us and all. :)
Claire, the person behind Absolutely Small, and the ever brilliant utterly fantastic Chickenpants, is a really great person, super funny and so creative she makes people (she's currently on maternity leave) and if you haven't already, go acquaint yourself with her and her work!


Hello Kitty : )

I have no doubt you'll succeed in taking all those 365 photos and probably a whole lot more than that. I must admit I love the vintage feel you're giving to them and this would be the only reason why I'd like to have one now as well :D (the phone I mean).

Great for the feature too.

Take care!

Awe, what a cute little kitty! :D

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