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March 17, 2011

Hug Japan

The earthquake and following tsunami in Japan have shook my heart too. Many of my friends and acquaintances in Japan were effected by the disaster, and they are still reeling from it and trying to cope with the aftermath. I have never been to Japan (I wish to go there one day though), but I still have an affinity for the place where my hobby (Chadô, The Art of Tea), most of my sewing tools and a lot of my fabrics come from. Japan is where my style, both of my work and of the way I dress, and plenty of my inspiration originates from. To me, it is the home of all things cute and amazing, and it breaks my heart to see the destruction and utter devastation of the catastrophe. I've even stopped following the news a few times when it all just go a bit too much for me.
I've been especially hard hit by all the news about lost and forlorn pets, and even though there's been some good news too -that the residents, both human and feline, of Tashirojima, Cat Island, have survived the tsunami that almost swept the island off the map and the story of the lady who upon returning to her ruined home finds her pet cat has survived against all odds- I know that there are still loads of animals (and their humans too) in need.

I don't have a lot of money to give, but what I do have an abundance of is time and skill. So, I am raffling off Kibou (希望, it means "hope" in Japanese) the little rag-cat to raise money for the Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. All the proceeds from this raffle will go to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, and shipping costs will come out of my own purse.

Kibou the rag-cat
(You can see more pictures of Kibou in my Flickr, just click any of the photos here to be transported there.)

Kibou is a perfectly pocket-sized rag-cat (she's about 32 cm tall) and she's made out of soft linen and stuffed with rags and polyfill. She has little button eyes, an embroidered nose, a linen coloured button for a belly button and pretty blushy cheeks.


Kibou's dress is made out of white cotton and it has lace at the hem and a big red button with a velvet ribbon bow at the neck. The dress closes at the shoulder with a snap.

origami crane

Raffle tickets are $5 each and you can buy as many as you like. As this is for charity, I'm not limiting the number of tickets, and you'll have until next Monday, the 21st of March, to take part in the raffle. I will pick a winner when the raffle closes on Monday with the aid of random.org.
You can pay for your ticket(s) through PayPal, and my PayPal-address is: *address removed, as the raffle has now ended* (please don't use the word "raffle" anywhere in your payment, simply write "Japan" as the subject instead).

Please also consider donating to Japan's rescue and relief effort through the Red Cross of your country. And hug your family, friends and pets.

Edited on Monday the 21st: The raffle is now closed and I'll be posting the results and winner soon. Thank you ever so much everyone!


She's so gorgeous and a beautiful way to raise much needed funds. I'd love to buy a ticket but am being a bit dimwitted - is the ticket price in US $s? Thanks x

Hello! What a lovely idea, and I would like to contribute to your plans. However, I cannot access your site on Paypal with the information you have provided. Please let me know if there is a better way to find you.

Julie, I imagine the price is in US dollars. I think Erika has just denoted the dollar sign after the price out of habit because that is how the euro sign is used here in Finland. :)

Yes, it's US dollars (I thought that'd be a more "universal" currency than euros), I just got a little confused as to which side the dollar sign belongs to! Thank you for pointing that out folks, I've fixed it now. :)

Dana, just go to PayPal (www.paypal.com), and set my e-mail address as the recipient when making the payment.

This is such a lovely idea. I hope you will be able to raise a lot of money for japan <3

thank you for supporting this charity. the news about cat island and that video of the woman coming home to her cat made me feel better too!

Adorable kitty for a wonderful cause! I hope you raise tons of funds for it.

Oh my gosh I forgot all about Cat Island! Glad to hear most of them are safe but it will be a hard job getting the island back to normal. I will definitely be buying some tickets and this Sunday I have a market I'm doing and will be donating a percentage of my sales for the day. The animals must not be forgotten!

Kibou is precious and I love what you are doing. I just bought some tickets and am going to share about your raffle on my blog now.

What a wonderful idea. I hope you get lots and lots of tickets sold.

I really like Kibou too. Her dress is so cute with that huge button. And the color combo fits her really well.

And now off to paypal land.....

Eerika, I have just sent you some funds for tickets but forgot to add a note so its me jodie carleton.
Kibou is beautiful and sure to be loved wherever she ends up.

Sent a small contribution. :-)

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