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April 13, 2012

Making of a Rag Pet

You might have noticed the little "It takes about 15 hours to make a Rag Pet"-trivia at the bottom of the Rag Pet Shop page, and now that the shop is up and running I thought it pertinent to give a look behind the curtain and show what takes up those aforementioned 15 hours or so. Also, I really like the making of documentaries of films and all those "How is thing-XYZ made"-shows on Discovery Channel and thought it'd be fun to do my own.

It all starts with an idea. Sometimes it's a particular concept I want to make, or a certain personality I want to give form to. Although I have not the foggiest of clues as to where inspirations actually comes from, or why it likes to pop up at the most inopportune times! Nevertheless, if I go especially looking for inspiration, I tend to find it in books I've read, stuff I've watched on TV, pretty pictures I've seen or even a particular piece of fabric that's just waiting to be made into this or that. It has yet to be found under the sofa, because I think the dust bunnies that reside there might scare it away. :)

Once I do have an idea, I usually sketch it in my sketch book, since I like to think aloud -or on paper as the case might be. It's easier for me to work on a design when I can actually see it. It's also nice to have a record of what ideas have made their way out of my head over time.

sketching a rag-cat

For this series of blog posts (as this will be a series documenting the making of a Rag Pet from start to finish, just follow the "Making of"-tag for the whole, eventual thing) I'm making a rag-cat whose design sketch you can see in the photos here.

a design sketch

I haven't come up with a name for this example rag-cat yet, but now that I'm thinking about names, I'll mention that occasionally inspiration can come from them too; I'll hear a nice name and want to make a Rag Pet to match.
Alas, I have no idea what to name this rag-cat, and thus I'd like to ask if any of you have any ideas as to what she could be called?


Pippa came to mind, no idea why :)

I'm really looking forward to your next posts about making this particular cat.

Millie after my dear old cat who will be 16 next month!

Example is a nice name, I think!

I think you should name her Neko after the Japanese word for cat. It's just a cool-sounding word, in addition to a name!

Fleur would be sweet- she looks like such a sweet kitty.

How about Edelweiss?

Wow! What amazing projects!I do love your creative work keep it up...

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