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May 04, 2012

Merry Midori no hi!

Today みどりの日, Midori no hi ("Greenery Day"), is celebrated in Japan. For most this is an Environment Day type of holiday, but for us who practice Chadō (the art of tea), it's also a day to celebrate, well, green tea (matcha).

Since I realised that I don't have proper matcha much too late to do anything about it, me and Jenny (my intermittent photography assistant and fellow student of tea, who joined me in this Greenery Day celebration) simply had Matcha Milk instead. And since nothing goes better with milk of any sort than cookies, we also enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies in lieu of higashi (tea sweets).

Midori no hi cookies

This gorgeous sweets' dish was made by a friend of mine, who carved the pretty butterfly wing pattern completely by hand and everything herself.


And instead of using proper tea bowls, which I'm also not in possession of currently, we muddled along with Moomin mugs instead... As you may have probably gathered, this wasn't a very traditional nor formal tea celebration, but it was really nice and fun none the less, and everything was very, very yummy!

all done


Looks yummy! Funnily enough, we Midorikaisei did not celebrate midori no hi in any way, we didn't even drink tea that day... But we did enjoy the new green leaves when we were hiking on Mount Hiei.

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