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June 13, 2012

Happy Pigeon Day!

Very happy Pigeon Appreciation Day!

Today is Pigeon Appreciation Day, and since pigeons are my most favourite birds, and among my most favourite animals as well, I thought it pertinent to take some time out of my day to appreciate these brilliant birds.

Many people think of pigeons as vermin, as rats with wings, but I think they're rather wonderful animals. They're really impressive fliers, performing amazing aerial acrobatics if need be (here's a beautiful video of a dove -which is basically just a white pigeon- in flight). Pigeons have an innate homing ability, which in addition to their skill in flying makes them super messengers and in fact, whole flocks of pigeons have been given medals (they really have) for their service as messengers during the wars. They're also tenacious, not letting the little things get them down; there's a toeless pigeon living at the Central Train Station here, that despite it's stumpy feet seems to be living a full and happy pigeon life. And, in my opinion at least, the Feral Rock Pigeons (that's what species ordinary city pigeons are) that are so disparaged by many look quite lovely with their subdued grey-hued plumage and iridescent bands of feathers around their necks.

Pigeon Girl outfit

Inspired by said plumage and the simple delight that there exists a Pigeon Appreciation Day, I designed an outfit for appreciating pigeons in.
The Pigeon Girl outfit would consist of a chunky charcoal grey 3/4 sleeve wool cardie with gathered pockets, a heather grey long sleeved button-up tunic with a Peter Pan collar, pin tucks and a purple-blue-green iridescent silk bow, a mid-grey wool tweed skirt with a sheer silver grey petticoat with a frayed raw edge, putty grey tights, charcoal grey woolly socks, black lace-up ankle boots, a small grey brown leather across-the-body bag, pigeon feather necklace and head piece, and last but not least, a walking stick brolly.
There would, of course, be some seeds and bread crumbs in the bag for feeding the pigeons.

I also wanted to make a pigeon themed Rag Pet, but the idea came to me yesterday evening, not leaving enough time to get anything done in time for today. I'm also short on suitable grey fabrics, which is a mistake I will surely have to fix the next time I happen by a fabric store!

To end this Columba Livia appreciation post, I'll leave you with some pigeon inspiration and a link to the blog of Brian Pigeon, a blogging pigeon from London. :)

pigeon inspiration

Very happy Pigeon Appreciation Day to all pigeons and pigeon appreciators! :)


What a lovely post you wrote, I find the pigeons to be quite beautiful too.

I hope you'll make this outfit for yourself, it's really cute. I could help you with the necklace part and the head piece should you want me to :)

And of course, you just HAVE to make a pigeon rag pet. I'm curious about how you'd do it, how you'd design it. Very much so :)

Cant understand what people have against pigeons. There seems to be a slightly different kind popping up in Melbourne lately, they have a sort of pointy feather feature on top of there heads and pink eyes, they are quite cool.

ihana asukuva! ottaisin heti kaappiin (ja päälle) :D

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