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June 11, 2012

The example rag-cat

Even though the actual "making of" part of my "Making Of" series has come to an end, there is still a post or two yet to come on this subject. If you'd like to read the whole thing, just click the "Making Of"-tag there on the right.

When we last left off, I had photographed my example rag-cat, and delighted in the satisfaction of finishing a Rag Pet. Now I'd like to introduce you to Millie, the rag-cat whose making this series of posts documents.

Millie the example rag-cat
Millie's outfit

"Millie" (as suggested by Amanda of Felt Finland) won the poll with 7 votes and so at last the example rag-cat has a name! Millie is going to be the Rag Pets' "spokes-pet", being the exemplary example that she is.

Millie sews

It would be such a big help if the Rag Pets could actually sew! Just imagine how much I'd get done if Millie were to lend a paw with the sewing. I'd be happy if Millie would take up her spokes-pet duties now and also appear in my "Making of a Rag Pet"-video in addition to being what is made in it, instead of me having to be on the side of the camera that I'm not so comfortable with being on. I'm still working on putting the video together, and dreading the need to record a commentary track for it, but hopefully I'll have it all wrapped up and ready to post here as soon as I can overcome my stage fright. :)

Documenting the Rag Pet making process has been an interesting and intense experience, and certainly a learning one! Which is why Millie won't be going into the shop, but I'll be keeping her instead. After all of this it would feel weird to sell her and really, I just can't bear to let her go.


Eeek! Your rat pets just kill me; they're so perfect and sweet and adorable! And as usual, I am totally envious of your clothes sewing skills! xx

Oooo, video is coming up... yay! I'm looking forwaard to it!

And I totally agree with Holly :)

Holly, all it takes is quite a lot of practice to get good at making clothes, especially in toy-size, but it's not rocket science and thank goodness not! I'm not very good at science in general ;)

Nini, I'm not looking forward to the video, because I get terrible stage fright and I'm not sure how my appearance (asides from my hands which already make a very prominent appearance putting Millie together) on it will go...

Woohoo! I love this series Eerika and you have a shop now too! Can't wait to share the news. Happy post midsummer to you.xxx

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