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July 17, 2012

And 4 years on...

My blog is 4 years old!

Monday marked a full four years of keeping this blog! I didn't do anything to mark the occasion yesterday, since I had utterly forgotten about it until now, and we spent most of the day traveling back home from Tampere where we had spent a long weekend away anyways.

Four years doesn't seem like such a very long time, but looking back at all the posts I've written over the years, it really is quite an accomplishment to have blogged so much, even if I do toot my own horn a bit. I know I could post more often or I could maybe have some sort of posting schedule to adhere to, but blogging is something that comes to me more... umh, organically and I find it's best to just post whenever I feel like posting and not worry about how often or when that happens to be.
I've also been thinking about what I post, in addition to when I post it too. I mostly blog about making things and the things I have made, with a few posts about my life outside of the Rag Pets sprinkled in between and I've been wondering if there's anything you, my dear, numerous readers, would like to hear more about?

Oh, and while I'm on the subject of this blog's numerous readers, in these four years an astonishing 80569 of you have visited this blog, leaving 1245 comments all told as you popped by. I would like to thank all of you who continue to visit and comment this little blog of mine, you are what makes keeping a blog so wonderful! :)


Yay 4 years, congrats!

I would like to see more of Finland :D Even if it's just photos from the supermarket or something, I miss it so much!

Wow, 4 already! Congratulations *clap clap*

I love reading your posts, love looking at the beautiful photos you take and marveling at your wonderful and happy little illustrations, so whatever you write about I'm happy, as long as you keep them coming on a regular basis :)

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