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August 03, 2012

Summer travels

Last week, I and J. took a trip to Tallinn to celebrate our 9 year anniversary and to take a little holiday from everyday life.

The walls of Old Town

We mostly spent our two days there just meandering through the Old Town and popping by lovely little cafes whenever we felt like we needed a rest and some refreshments.

Sunny cafes

The weather was really nice, all sunny and warm and luckily, even though I had dragged my umbrella all the way there due to weather reports threatening rain, there was not a drop to be seen.

fairytale houses and little pastel coloured streets

What time wasn't spent wandering through little cobbled streets lined with fairytale buildings and eating some truly delicious food in great quantities, was spent soaking in our hotel room's really, very sumptuous tub.

Our sumptuous hotel room

We didn't do a lot of shopping this time, but I did pay a quick little visit to one of my favourite little shops in Tallinn, Nuku Pood (or "Doll Shop" in English).

Nuku Pood

Nuku Pood is the size of a small room and they sell lots of wonderful handmade toys made by local crafters. (I didn't buy anything, though.)

It only occurred to me later that I should have probably taken my example rag-cat Millie with me and snapped lots of touristy photos of her, but like I said, the thought crossed my mind much too late and once again, Tallinn and it's storybook charms distracted me from photographing all that much to begin with!


Looks like such a great place, I'll will have to go visit one day :)

Oooh, you brought back some really lovely memories here, thanks.

I love the layout of your photos and the dreamy style of them. I'm glad you had such lovely weather and the hotel room looks fabulous too.

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