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September 11, 2012

Hello again!

It's been a long time since my last post here, having been very busy with lots of non-Rag Pet related stuff to have time at home to do much more than sleep, let alone to spare a thought for my blog. During this busy time, among other things, I've been looking after a friend's kids, I helped out at a few tea gatherings, I volunteered at the Helsinki Comics Festival again, I've been to the circus and I turned 35.


Now that what I'm calling "The Summer That Never Was" -because the weather was quite cold and dreary and not at all summery all through the summer months here- is over and Autumn has most definitely come, making days shorter and all the colder, I find myself drinking endless cups of tea, snuggling under blankets with the cat and wanting to dig out my warm, woolly yarns and knitting needles since knitting turns out to be such a fitting pastime for this season.

Hello there!

I hope to keep up with blogging better now that I've got time for it again, especially since things keep on happening even when I've no time to write about them! :)


Its lovely to see Kitty Boo....its rubbish about the summer, we actually got one in Seattle this year (they say the last 2 years have been the summer that never was, so basically we traded summer weather I guess) And we are moving into a lovely fall with really sunny days and chilly nights and I can see color showing in the leaves already. Time just goes by faster and faster, and I hope you had a great 35th.

We had no summer to speak of last year, but fingers crossed this Spring is a beaut so far! The vegetables seem pretty confident anyway*L*

Great to see you blog again! Not so great to know about the non existing summer - you should've come here for a visit. Actually, you still can as it's quite hot during the day :) We should be having some rain soon and I'm actually looking forward to it.

Oh, and happy (even though it's late) birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day that day.

Ruth, I'm glad that at least somewhere summer was summery! The Autumn is turning out to be a colder, darker version of summer over here, although the leaves are starting to turn now, so it's not as dreary anymore as we wait for what I hope will be a lovely & colourful "ruska".
Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

Christina, I hope your vegetables' confidence won't be dashed and you'll get a nice, warm and sunny summer over there.

Nini, I'd love to come by for a visit, your photos make everything there look so magical and beautiful, and it'd be lovely to get even a glimpse of sunny summer still. If I wasn't saving up for Japan, I'd be over there in a heartbeat! :)
Thank you for the birthday wishes as well. :)

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