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October 31, 2012

Horrifically happy Halloween!

It's Halloween again, and time for all things frightening, horrible and spooky!
Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, I love to dress up and I love all the candy and other yummies involved too. I threw a Halloween party last Saturday, and we all dressed up, ate much too much, listened to spooky music and watched scary movies. I dressed up as the night sky (despite being a bit averse to being in front of the camera, I might just post pictures of my costume this time, since I'm really proud of the constellation skirt I made) and made Gore Muffins and pumpkin pie and even my own cream soda (because the grocery store didn't have any) so we could make Butterbeer.

I also raised the dead. Or well, um... I made a zombie rag-cat.

Sophia the zombie rag-cat

Sophie was a perfectly ordinary girl when she was alive, and she's still a perfectly ordinary girl now that she's alive again, asides from being a zombie that is. It might have been a zombie virus, a voodoo curse or simply that she still had one of her 9 lives left, but now Sophie walks -or hops, since one of her legs has rotted off- the earth, craving braaainsss. Although she could be craving batting really, seeing as she is a soft toy zombie after all.

the walking dead

Sophie is missing an ear and a leg, because it's a bit hard keeping count of all your bits when you're undead, but she'd still love to shuffle off to a new home. She's waiting for brains... or rather a new keeper in the Rag Pet Shop.

shopping trolly bird

I'll get back to watching lots of scary movies now (possibly something with zombies in it, now that I think about it), and I wish you all an awfully good Halloween. Hopefully you all get lots of treats and not even the one trick! :)


Wonderful! I love the thought about a zombie rag-cat :)

This is a cute idea. It should be able to endure a lot of pulling and tugging from little hands. I like the doll and I am sure most kids will too.

Its leg probably flew off when it tried to kick a ball and forgot that, being undead, nothing was really attached firmly to its body.

Since Halloween has been postponed in some areas due to Hurricane Sandy there is still a lot of time to get a few items together to allow kids to enjoy the occasion.

I'd love to see your costume! I hope you'll show it to us.

I hope Sophie finds her new home soon as she is rather special.

Katarina, thank you! I was so pleased when I came up with the idea for this year's Halloween Rag Pet. :)

Adrian, it's so sad that Sandy not only wrecked a whole big stretch of geography, but that it also put a damper (literally!) on a celebration that usually brightens the gloomy Autumn season.
I think you're right about Sophie's leg! :D

Nini, I'm working on a photo of my outfit now. :)

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