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November 19, 2012

Nelly and Patty

Meet Nelly and Patty the rag-bear sisters. Neither will tell which one of them is the little sister and which one is the big sister, instead they'll just state that the older one is whoever happens to say so first.

Nelly the rag-bear

This is Nelly, she likes to play with dolls and skip rope.

Patty the rag-bear

And this is Patty, she likes to skip rope and play with dolls.

Both Nelly and Patty are waiting for new homes where they can play with dolls and skip rope to their hearts' content in the Rag Pet Shop.

shopping trolly bird

Nelly and Patty bring a bit of summery cheer into the grey drabness that is early winter here. We haven't had much snow yet, only a light dusting that melted as quick as it came. I am really hoping we'll get proper snow soon; these short, dark days and the drab, dark weather only inspire sadness and I just know that snow would brighten things up immensely!


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