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November 16, 2012

Something different

I have something new planned, something a bit different.

something new...

I've been wanting to make better use of my various Rag Pet drawings and designs, and to do something different Rag Pet related outside of the soft toys.

One of the ideas I had was to make Rag Pet themed tote bags, or "Rag Bags" as I'm calling them. I've already a few designs drawn up for the bags, and now I just need to decide on the best way to carry out those designs. I'm thinking of maybe using hand applique, since I don't have the equipment needed for printing, and I rather prefer the more "handmade" look and feel of applique any way. And I really like doing applique too; it's such a good way to let your mind wander while your hands are busy, it's almost like meditation.

So, expect to see some Rag Bags in the shop in the near future! :)

My ASSistant


I love that idea! Your apprentice also seems to love it...SO helpful!

Oh wow - I love how neat your sketches are! Have you ever thought of designing Rag Pet fabric on Spoonflower with your sketches? It'd be adorable!

Holly, I learned to sketch neatly when I was in school. If I made clear, neat sketches, I could cut out a step of the design process.
I haven't thought about making Rag Pet fabric before, but I sure am planning on it now! :)

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