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November 12, 2012



Gosh I like how funny Rag Pet legs look all piled together higglety-pigglety. :)

I've been a busy little bee with Rag Pet stuff lately, as is evidenced, among other things, by this being my second blog update in as many weeks- as regular readers of my irregular postings will know, my updates can be a bit sporadic. :) I really, really, really hope that this bout of inspiration and motivation will last a long time yet, because I am rather enjoying this!

I've been taking pictures of old Rag Pets who I hadn't photographed yet, making wholly new Rag Pets and designing future ones. I stocked the Rag Pet Shop and we've been fiddling with promotion and advertising things. Although, when I say "we" I mean just J., since all of this promotion and pricing stuff makes me uncomfortable. It's good that I have someone who knows what they're doing with it all; I'm much happier sticking to the making and creating parts. In addition to J.'s help, my industrious assistant, BooBoo, has also been assisting me. Mostly by sitting on things, industriously. :)

Away with you!

So, Rag Pet things and the shop are chugging along nicely and I hope you are all keeping well too, dear readers. :)


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