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November 05, 2012

Wolfing poetry

I've been reading, or I think devouring is more fitting a word, a whole lot of poetry lately. Some time back I discovered Richard Siken, and promptly spent the following days (or weeks, but who's really counting?) wolfing down his poems. Then I came across Denver Butson and the same thing happened. And my crush on Sarah Kay is a thing that continues to grow and bloom. Not to mention my burning love for E. E. Cummings, whose poems I will never ever tire of.
I've always had a passion for poetry, ever since my English teacher Mr. Brown introduced us to the art properly in secondary school and ignited my love for song lyrics while he was at it as well. I have accumulated many a favourite poet (although I love none quite as much as I do E. E. Cummings) and I always delight in finding new ones to love.

I know I've posted poems here on my blog before, and I will do so whenever I've the chance to, really. So when I found fabric that looks like lined paper, I knew I had the perfect chance to combine poetry and plush.

Sylvia the rag-wolf

Sylvia the rag-wolf is a writer, writing everything from achingly emotional poetry (which is her first love), to deeply think-y fiction and if nothing else, she will simply write in her diary.

I had the hardest time picking what poem to write on Sylvia's hem, but after reading lots and lots of poems (which really wasn't a hardship at all), I decided on a few lines from Sylvia Plath's "The Bell Jar":

"And I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart.
I am. I am. I am."

wearing words

Sylvia is made out of furry grey wool and she's been stuffed with rags and polyfill. She has little safety eyes, an embroidered nose, blushing cheeks and a shiny mother-of-pearl button for a belly button.
Sylvia is wearing a pencil yellow cardigan (that's a bit big on her, because I'm not very good at knitting) that has wooden buttons and a lined paper print cotton dress with the afore mentioned Sylvia Plath quote written on it in fabric marker. The dress closes in the back with a snap.

Sylvia is available in the Rag Pet Shop, just waiting to share her love of poetry with you. :)
shopping trolly bird

Oh, and for the curious, the book Sylvia is laying on in the photos is "Sylvia Plath: A Dramatic Portrait" and the poem it's opened to is the intensely moving "Lady Lazarus".


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