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December 03, 2012

It's Giveaway Day! Hooray!

Yay! It's Giveaway Day!

'Tis the season of holly and being jolly and of other things ending in -olly, and of course, it's also time for Giveaway Day! This year marks my 5th time taking part in what has become a weeklong event of generosity, holiday spirit and lots and lots of wonderful crafts and crafty goodies. And I'm just as delighted to be taking part this year as I've been all the previous years! :)

Cinnamon the rag-gingerbear

This is Cinnamon the rag-gingerbear.
I am giving her away to one lucky commenter who leaves a comment here, between now and the 7th of December, telling me about what you think is the very best thing about the holiday season. Every commenter will be assigned a number, with the first person to comment being number 1 and the second commenter would be number 2 and so forth, and then come the 7th, I'll draw a random number to see who's the lucky person that Cinnamon goes home to (I'm happy to ship internationally, so it doesn't matter where you're from).

pretty baubles

Cinnamon loves everything about the holiday season! She decks the halls full of sparkly Christmas decorations, cooks and bakes a whole lot of holiday treats and sends towering piles of Christmas greetings every year.
Cinnamon is made out of soft gingerbread-brown wool and she's stuffed with rags and polyfill and she has tiny little white buttons for eyes, an embroidered nose and gently blushing cheeks. She has a jolly red button, a wooden button and an icing white button on her front and her ear-bow is made out of an old cotton pillowcase.
Cinnamon is about 32 cm tall, but her diminutive size doesn't limit her enthusiasm for all things Christmas-y! :)

As for my favourite thing about Christmas, well, it's actually two, because I just can't decide between all the pretty, sparkly decorations and lights and all the delicious food and treats! That's why there's more photos of Cinnamon in my Flickr, because I had the hardest time making up my mind which ones -these ones with the shiny baubles or ones with all sorts of yummy Christmas treats- to use. :)

Be sure to have a look at all the other blogs taking part in Giveaway Day too. There's oodles of handmade goods and craft supplies being given away by oodles of wonderful crafters, and you can find a list of all of it here: http://sewmamasew.com/blog2/category/contests/

Added on the 7th of December: The giveaway is now closed, and so are the comments on this post. I'll announce the winner in just a bit! :)


I live in Spain where families are nowadays still big and really close so I love cellebrating relly crowded Christmas dinner parties ith my loved ones

My favorite thing is time with family, and I really love when people get into a kind & generous spirit. :)

Lights on the tree, fire in the fireplace, quiet and warm at home with family

I like making things for people; I like the music; I like (ideally) getting a bit of cooler weather here in Texas!

I love all the preparation part: decorating, wraping gifts, putting food to the table, dressing up..

Oh!!! Love her! Cinnamon is Adorable!! (I love all things Bear! Am Mombear, and Grandma Bear now too!) Would be delighted to win her!

I love all the Lights & Sparkle of Christmas too...and the food! YUM!!! But most of all..LOVE havin' the Family all Home...sharing the Sparkle, Food, Fun, Love...and LOTS of Hugs!! :)

Thanks for chance to win!! :)

I love Christmas Carols and I love seeing the innocent joy my daughter and niece and nephew have when they see Christmas lights and decorations. They are 2, 1 & 3 respectively and the commercial aspect and the gifts aren't really on their radar yet.

I love Christmas Carols and I love seeing the innocent joy my daughter and niece and nephew have when they see Christmas lights and decorations. They are 2, 1 & 3 respectively and the commercial aspect and the gifts aren't really on their radar yet.

seeing family and enjoy christmas

I think the best thing about the Holidays is showing the people who matter to you that you care. Spending time together decorating the tree, Finding or making the perfect present, and getting to watch their face light up when they open it! :D

It's difficult to pinpoint one thing, I just loooove everything about it and I'm about to love it even more this year's as it's going to be my little one's very first Christmas :)

The best thing is the Good News - Peace and Goodwill to everyone.

The best thing about the holidays is getting to visit and have fun with family and friends! I love your rag pets and enjoy your blog! thank you!

I can't pick up just one thing either! All the sparkly lights always put me in a special sort of a loving and caring mood. I love the smell of ginger and cinnamon and tea. And I love to watch everyone in my family open their presents :)

Darling Cinnamon, I really hope you'll be coming my way.

Thank you so much for the opportunity Aerika.
Wishing you all the best!

the best thing about christmas is going to the christmas eve service at my church. sometimes we get to choose a song to sing in front of the congregation.

Oh so many things to love! I really the joy and sense of celebration despite the cold and hard times!
Thanks for the giveaway!

Cute gingerbear!!

My favorite things about the holidays are visiting with family since I live so far from most of them and also, watching folks open the handmade gifts from me.

I, too, love all the yummy goodies this time of year. Gingerbread, peppermint bark, pumpkin pie... I could go on and on.

Oh my gosh Cinnamon is the CUTEST! My favourite part is being able to spend lots of time with my family :)


Oh, Cinnamon is adorable!!

My favourite thing about Christmas is seeing my family - it's nice to get everyone in one place for the day and just hang out together. :-)

My favorite thing is just creating new memories with my girls each year -- love the traditions (elf on the shelf and reindeer food) as well as driving around looking at lights, hot cocoa, etc!

Time with family is the best part of Christmas for me!

The very best thing about the holiday season is having extra reminders and opportunities to teach generosity to my children. I love seeing them light up when we donate items for the angel tree or put together boxes of necessities for those less fortunate. Thanks for the giveaway!

For me the Best Thing about holidays, especially Christmas is spending more time with my family,
Baking goodies in the evening with my mom and sister, me and my little cousin waiting to lick the spoon, going to get the ingredients, watching the cookies bake and waiting for them to cool off, and eating them with a glass of milk at the end of the day.
For me that time is gold.

Oh, she is just too precious!

My favourite part of the holiday is the sense of cheer and goodwill. It's so nice to see people being kind to one another. :)

My favorite thing is how excited my 2 yo son gets - "Santa" was his 4th word, and he still loves it.

I Love Late night Xmas shopping in nearby villages. The mulled wine, the carollers, meeting friends & buying lovely local hand made products! x

Now that my kids are all grown, I especially like preparing for the holidays, the decorating, crafting, baking, planning and get togethers with friends.
Love Cinnamon the ginger bear

Well, if I won Cinnamon, I would certainly treat her like I treat myself, us sharing the same name and all ;)

My favorite thing about Christmas has to be all the making involved...making treats, making gifts, making the house look festive...I love making it all.

I love her!! Gosh - the best part of the season is hanging out with family and making/eating great food together while enjoying the fire and the twinkling lights. Also pink cheeks from the cold. So nice!

My favourite thing in this time is making cookies with my little boys

I love how some houses in our neighbourhood get all dressed up for Xmas. There is this competition between all of themto have the best display and off course the spectators are getting all the benefit ;)

Cinnamon is just the cutest and can melt any ol' Grinch's heart.

Awww, little Cinnamon is just the cutest!

The best thing about christmas? That it's repeated year after year, of course! ;)
Thank you for the chance to win and best wishes!

I love so many things about the Holidays Season, the Christmas tree, the decorations, the lights, the giving, the comfort of being at home and the day long preparation of Christmas Eve dinner with my family.

The best hmmmmmmm well I'd say the lights. As it's usually quite dark here the lights bring this warmth and light into the dark season.

I've been following your blog in my Google reader and am so happy you're participating in Giveaway Day, thank you!!

We don't celebrate Christmas but appreciate the time off to spend quality time together and with our families. Hopefully next year we'll be able to spend it in the alps. :D

The best part for me is the sparkle in the eyes of my grands when they see the tree and the packages under it and all the hugs from them. My youngest grandaughter would love this!

Awe how cute! I would have to say my favorite thing about Christmas is going around the neighborhoods and looking at all of the pretty sparkly Christmas lights!

I gotta say my favorite thing is the food of the holidays!

Cinnamon is great, and also all your work!
My favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with my family.

I think this is my favorite thing ever. so cute.

i love the feeling of christmas the festiveness and the coming together of mankind. cheesy yeah!

the very best thing is getting together with friends and family, of course! I also love all the decorations every where you go; it feels magical :)

my daughter would love this! - Thank you for the chance to win :)
aaron (dot) dez (at) gmail (dot) com

Família e amigos sempre.Mas as árvores me encantam sobremaneira,obrigada,amei este canela,cheira bom não é?tiacarminhapezzuto@gmail.com

The faces of our kids, I know it's cliche but they're only kids for so long.
Cute Cinnamon Bear, very yummy! :)

LOVING Cinnamon! I also LOVe pretty much everything about the Holiday season. Now that my girls are getting older (6, 4, 1) it's so fantastic seeing the 'magic' of the holiday for them. Sharing all the traditions I loved when I was a kid with them makes the entire month amazing!

My favorite thing about Christmas is being with family. It's hard being a military family and living in a different state, but we always know around Dec my husband will get time off and we can go visit family. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love being with family best for the holidays

I think the favorite part of Christmas is spending time with family. Of course, that's my favorite thing any time of the year :)

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