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January 18, 2013


I'm home!

going home

I fell in love with Japan as I set foot there, and I started to miss Japan the moment the plane's wheels lifted off the tarmac today.

I just got back home, unpacked my bags, sat on the sofa with the cat and now I'm doing my best to stay awake at least until 9 pm so I can start to get my sleep rhythm somewhere near to normal. So far I'm struggling a bit with this, as my eyes are drooping shut despite my best efforts to keep them open.

I'm making a start on sorting through all the many, many, many pictures I took and I'm planning my posts about the trip, but as I'm losing the battle over sleep, I think I'll hold off doing anything much until I'm more alert. :)

Any way, I am home now, safe and sound, and I have many a picture and story to share with you all.


Can't wait to read about all your adventures <3

Welcome back Eerika! I'm glad you're back safe and sound and I'm looking forward to your photos and stories as well. Have a good rest.

I just went through all your Flickr photos and now I NEED to get back there as well! Looks like you had such a lovely time, and your friends had fun as well. I love that you bought kimonos! I have one from when I was younger but it no longer fits, so perhaps an excuse to go back and get another? Yes!
THanks for sharing!

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