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April 15, 2013

Hi! Hello!

It's been a very, very long time since I last updated! I guess I inadvertently ended up taking a little Rag Pet hiatus, doing other things instead for a bit. I think the hiatus was a good thing though, even if it was unplanned, it gave me a chance to concentrate on being creative outside of the Rag Pets and to recharge my rag-batteries, as it were.

soft toy making course

One of the things I did was take a class in soft toy making last weekend. Although for me it was maybe more about just crafting with others, than anything else. Usually I putter about my workroom all by myself, so it's easy to forget how much fun it is to make things with other people present too.
During last weekend's course, I made an elephant and new crafting friends.

making an elephant

I'm very much an introvert, so being around people isn't something I need, or at times even want, but despite this I do like crafting with others. It's an opportunity to share ideas and knowledge and to be inspired by others, and of course, it's always nice to simply make things.

waiting for the bus

While being social can sometimes be a bit of a chore for me, getting to share the wonder of making soft toys with fellow crafters really fanned my crafting fire and I'm going to channel some of that crafty energy to getting back to all things Rag Pets. :)


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