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June 13, 2013

Happy Pigeon Day!

Very happy Pigeon Appreciation Day!

Today is a most pigeon-tastic day, for it is Pigeon Appreciation Day!
I've spent the day appreciating these brilliant birds... well, I've actually spent most of today working on a pigeon-themed rag-cat, but since my rag-dressmaking ended up being more frustrating than productive I decided that I best just stick to the appreciating of pigeons bit. So poor Livia (named after Columba Livia, the latin name for Feral Rock Pigeons, which is what most common city pigeons are) is still without a dress.

pigeon rag-cat in progress

My regard for pigeons doesn't maybe burn as bright as famed scientist and pigeon fancier Nikola Tesla's, but I still rather went on and on and on about how really wonderful pigeons are in my Pigeon Appreciation Day post last year, so I won't get into how graceful and talented pigeons are at flying or their accomplishments as messengers both during war and peace, again. What I will do instead is wish all pigeons and appreciators of these awesome avifauna a very pigeon-full Pigeon Appreciation Day! :)


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