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June 22, 2013

Magical Midsummer

It's Midsummer, the longest day of the year, when the sun hardly sets before it springs right back up again.
This year we spent Midsummer's Eve first at my parents', eating, talking and having a really nice nap in the hammock, then we came back home in the evening for more of the same and then come nighttime I took a walk in the forest across the road.

Midsummer's Eve walk

It felt a bit magical to wander about the forest near midnight, and for it to still be bright as day out! Or rather, bright as a cloudy day, since by evening, the clouds that would soak everything with a few heavy showers early in the morning had already started to gather. Still, the midnight sun lit my way through the trees, making my little walk feel altogether enchanted.

Midsummer's birch

There's a lot of folk magic and tradition tied in to Midsummer, but I still didn't catch sight of a single Will-o'-the-wisp while I made my way through the lush greenery. Thankfully all the insects were also absent from my trails, asides from the odd little moth that crossed my path. What I did see in abundance though were flowers! It is such a treat to have countless flowers blooming in the summer, when we slog through long winter months with nothing but bare branches and endless, cold drifts of snow. The side of the road along the forest's edge was especially beautiful under it's veritable blanket of Willowherbs, where last summer there were none at all.


I hope all of you have had a splendid Midsummer, with warm white nights and magic and wonder. :)


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