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February 27, 2014

International Polar Bear Day

It's International Polar Bear Day today. This is a day for raising awareness of climate change, and the plight global warming causes polar bears as their natural habitat is slowly melting away. I decided to do my bit to draw attention to the polar bears' predicament, and made Martin the polar rag-bear.

Martin the polar rag-bear

Martin (David, a friend of mine, came up with the name, from the latin name for polar bear, which is Ursus Maritimus) is fervently campaigning against climate change, and fighting to stop his home from disappearing.

Martin working on his sign

Martin is made out of warm white wool and he's stuffed with rags and a bit of polyfill. He has safety eyes, an embroidered nose and a snowy white button for a belly button.
Martin wears a stripy cotton overall with big pockets and smoky blue plastic buttons holding the straps. they close with a snap in the back. he also has a hand knitted dark blue cotton scarf to keep him warm.

Martin the polar rag-bear is in the Rag Pet Shop, waiting for a new friend to come protest with him.

As I was reading about polar bears today, I learned that the word Arctic is derived from a Greek word for "bear", and that Antarctic means "without bear", which I found both a great mnemonic for remembering where polar bears live and quite funny too. :)


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