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July 02, 2014

Good news!

After a truly and totally shit (pardon my language) Spring, during which I lost both my grandmothers within a month of each other, and had a shedload of little upsets and annoyances that all just accumulated and made life very sorry and miserable, I am determined to have a much happier Summer.

Guess what I'm doing this month?

My biggest happy thing this summer is my trip to Japan! :) I'll be staying in Kyoto and I'll most likely make day trips here and there (I was thinking Nara and Shizuoka at least) too, with my handy RailPass.

This Summer has gotten off to a good start already, with a huge big tea to-do at the beginning of June. There were two big events we attended, Ōmatoshiki (a ceremonial "cleansing of the air" archery event) and Yabusame (horseback archery competition) that coincided with our tea association's 25th anniversary, so we had a lot going on when May turned into June.

Also in happy news, we spent Midsummer in rainy Riga. The weather could've been a whole lot nicer, with rain usually starting up the moment we set foot outside, and going away when we got indoors. It was still really lovely to meander down the little winding streets of Riga's old town with J. and my camera in tow.
I'll be posting the huge pile of photos I took there as soon as I've sorted through them all and I'll most likely write up a little travel diary entry as well.

Having had such an horrid Spring, it is so very good to have something super nice to do and to look forward this Summer. I am even fine with the awful weather we've been having here, knowing I'll soon be basking in the warmth of Japan. :)


oh wow! I am so sorry to hear about your losses dear. And the whole crappy situation.

BUT, I love it how you've managed to turn it around with a visit to your beloved country. I wish you safe travels and loads of great times to make up for all the bad that's been around you in spring time.

Sending you love and hugs from over here. With some sun attached too :)

So glad things are finally looming up for you. I have been checking you blog (it's one of my big blog read regulars) every week hoping things would get better/easier for you. Enjoy your trip and make lots of lovely new memories! X

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