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February 27, 2015

Polar bearing!

We're once again observing International Polar Bear Day here in the blog! Today is all about raising awareness of climate change, and the distress global warming causes polar bears as their home is slowly melting away. As today is all about polar bears, I made a little polar rag-bear.

Happy Polar Bear Day!

Meet Martina the little polar rag-bear. She likes recycling, the concervation and preservation of animals' natural habitats and snow days.

Martina is a smaller version of the usual Rag Pets, so she's about 10 cm shorter than the big Rag Pets, standing 35 cm short from the tips of her toes to the top of her head. She's made from soft light blue wool and she has a fun, square blue button for a bellybutton.

Martina's little ear-hat

Martina is one of the very few (or actually, the only, as far as I can remember right) Rag Pets with a hat, now that I thought of doing hats the same as I do ear-bows. In addition to her little ear-hat, she's wearing a warm woolly knitted scarf and a corduroy skirt with flowery pockets.

Martina is in the Rag Pet Shop, waiting for new friends to help her campaign for the preservation of our environment.

I really wish it'd been sunnier for taking photos of little Martina today, but we've been having an uncommonly warm and wet winter this year. All the more reason to keep fighting for our precious planet and to also bear polar bears in mind!


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