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March 10, 2015

Crochet, yay!

On a bit of a whim, I decided to dust off my somewhat meagre crocheting skills, and so I hopped over to Craftsy for a... umh, are they called patterns or instructions or what, when it's crochet or knitting? Anyways, I found a really cute, easy patter there (it's this one here) and made this little bear!

Yay! Crochet!

I used a yarn called "Nalle", which means teddy bear in Finnish, and I found that both fitting and funny. :)
There's still a lot I could do better, but I'm really chuffed with myself for getting my hand back into crochet, especially seeing as the Honourable Jane Champion (named after the main character in the book, "The Rosary", that we're reading at the Ladies Old Fashioned Proper and Educated Sewing Circle, where I did most of the work on my crochet bear) is only the second thing I've ever crocheted. I even thought up how to make her a tail all by myself! The original pattern didn't have one, but as I find little nobby tails to be super cute, I stitched up one myself.


Now I've been bitten by the crochet bug, and am wanting to make more crochet toys! Maybe try making one in a fuzzy yarn, and work on getting my crochet stitches to be tighter and more even and tidy of course. When we were taught crochet in primary school, I never got the hang of it and never did crochet until a handful of years ago when friends taught me how to. I'm really happy with my newest crafty skill, and having a new way of bringing the cute creatures that reside in my head into life.


I'm being drawn to crocheting more and more too! Clothes for me and little teddy bears. Isn't this interesting?

You did great with this bear and I love your little elephant as well. I'd totally try out your pattern but I'm afraid I can't really read them yet (it's just soooo o much lines!!) O_o

Good luck with everything!

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