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March 04, 2015

Happy (belated) Hinamatsuri!

A slightly belated happy Hinamatsuri, Doll Festival or Girl's Day, to everyone! I didn't get around to posting about it yesterday, since we'd been invited to the Japanese ambassador's residence for a Hinamatsuri luncheon and to make tea and was thus occupied for the day. The lunch was really good and their Hina-doll display was grand and I believe the women of The International Women's Club had a great time at our little tea gathering.

Rag Paper Dolls!

Since Hinamatsuri is all about dolls, I made some Rag Pet paper dolls to play with! So far I've made Kitty the paper rag-cat and Teddy the paper rag-bear. I'm going to make them available for all of you to play with as well... as soon as I figure out how to. It might take a little while to do so, since J., my help with all things computers and internet, is out of the country. I'm going to make them so that you can print them out yourselves and we've been thinking of making them into virtual paper dolls online too.

Rag Pets like paper dolls

I'm going to carry on celebrating Hinamatsuri today, eating pretty sweets and watching Hello Dolly with my favourite girl BooBoo. :)


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