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December 01, 2015

Restless feet

Oh my, it really has been a very long, long while since I last updated here! And it's not that I've been too busy to whip up an update, but that there hasn't been all that much to write about, really.

Our Big Move is still plodding in place, as everything moving forward hinges on us getting our apartment sold first. All that's happened so far, apart from putting our apartment up for sale, is that we decided to head off to Toronto for a spell before turning our sights to New York some time down the line. So Torontonians... Torontoners? What's the collective noun for people living in Toronto? Any ways, people of Toronto, us and the Rag Pets are going to be relocating there some time next Spring, if everything goes well! :)

Having everything stand still for now is taking a toll on me; it's very draining not being able to do anything but wait and not being able to really make any plans for the future as it's all very uncertain yet.
We have had a bit of a respite from the sluggish house selling and seemingly endless state of being in-between things, though. We had a wonderful honeymoon in Amsterdam a month back, filled with sunshine and lots of gorgeous views and so much delicious food!

Pigeons by the canal
You can find lots more photos from our lovely long weekend in my Flickr, here.

We really did have a grand time in Amsterdam, neither of us had been there before, so everything was new and exciting. The weather was nice and sunny and the views were really truly gorgeous, and we both very much enjoyed our days spent in art museums. We spent a whole day meandering around Rijksmuseum and they serendipitously had on a little exhibition of Dick Bruna's, the creator of Miffy, work, which I'm a big fan of and hugely inspired by. We also visited the Van Gogh Museum, which was a brilliant place! Even though they didn't have "Starry Night" there, they did have a super collection of Van Gogh's paintings from when he was first learning the art to his last few pieces before his death.

Our amazing Amsterdam honeymoon isn't the only trip we'll take this year, as we're jetting off to Toronto and New York next week! First we're spending a few weeks in Toronto, enjoying Canadian winter wonders and looking at future neighbourhoods where we might want to live in there. Then we're off to New York for Christmas and New Year's, to see Van Gogh's "Starry Night" at MoMA ... and a bit of work for J. too.
Along with my skates, I am packing my camera and computer, so I will hopefully be able to post about our North American adventures "live", as it were, and thus keep up a little bit better with this whole update thing. :)


Hello Kitty!! welcome back! you do have a reader :-)

They are called torontonians to most :)
People like myself who live outside the city are sometimes referred to as the 905ers because we have the area code 905 before our phone numbers.
If you are in toronto December 19th you should come to the crownflora studio holiday market and meet some wonderful local makers. I won't have a stall myself but will be selling a few things at my friend Arounna ( bookhou) 's table.

Hi Margie!

Thank you for the information! :)

We will still be in Toronto on the 19th, and the Crown Flora Holiday Market sounds lovely! I'll do my best to pop by there, especially since it looks to be in the same area we'll be staying at.
I'm already planning on visiting the City Of Craft craft show, and the Union Station Holiday Market too. :)

Wow, you're in Toronto now. I'm now a Torontonian now with my "adopted" family... Are you staying in downtown Toronto? Can I meet you again? Let me know which day you're going to the City of Craft show, I'm planning to go with my "adopted" mother also. Maybe I'll see you there.

Lumi, yes I'd love to meet up in Toronto! This will be my first time visiting Toronto and what with us moving there next year, it'd be super to meet Toronto locals.
Is it OK for me to send you an e-mail, so we can sort out when and where to meet?

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