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January 01, 2016

Bye bye old year, hello new year!

2015 was quite a year! It brought with it so many huge big changes, like starting the process of moving overseas, getting married, making wonderful new friends and reconnecting with dear old friends, having the Rag Pets for sale at an actual physical shop here in Brooklyn (at the Brooklyn ARTery, for those who might be in the neighbourhood), learning to crochet and getting into knitting again, and many, many other little things too.

I've been super lucky to be able to travel a lot this past year, visiting places both familiar and new. We had a lovely honeymoon in Amsterdam, explored Toronto, which will hopefully be our future home city, and now I'm rediscovering all the amazingness of New York.

Unfortunately there hasn't been very many new things, asides from being sold in a real store that is, for the Rag Pets, since they, and pretty much everything else too, has taken a backseat to the whole Big Move thing. And the poor dears won't be getting a whole lot of attention for a while to come yet, since The Big Move will keep on taking up most of my time and energy. I'm hoping to get back into the Rag Pet groove once we've gotten settled into our new life. I've lots of plans for new Rag Pets and other rag-things, so even though things aren't really happening right now, there's something to look forward to after the upheaval of The Big Move.

Happy New Year!

2016 will be an even bigger and huger year than 2015 was. It will be full of changes and challenges and I'm hoping that despite all the tumult, it will see us get through The Big Move swimmingly, and that the new year will once again bring with it lots of new adventures and new friends and new skills and all sorts of nice things.

I also wish all of you amazing adventures, super new skills and friends and nice things and that you all have a wonderful bright new year filled with happiness and cheer! :)


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