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January 18, 2016

Toronto tidings

Toronto trash panda

We spent a week and half in Toronto (or "Totoro" as I keep wanting to write it) at the end of December, before we headed to New York for a while.

I really, really enjoyed Toronto, how it's a very big city, that still feels small. Everyone we came across was really polite and kind, and even though the weather was unseasonally warm (at best it reached +15°c, that's like Finnish summer!) and not very wintery or Christmassy at all, it was still nice to have nice sunny days to explore the city in.
We didn't really do a whole lot of touristy stuff during our Toronto time, because we're sure to visit all the sights time and time again once we settle there, so there was little point in seeing them now already. Mostly we just puttered around getting a feel for all the different neighbourhoods and the city itself. I did visit the City Of Craft, holiday craft fair, and met up with Tina, a super nice Torontonian Rag Pets friend there. The fair was brilliant, and I wish and hope I could take part in it as a seller this year, or maybe some time in the future.
Oh, and we did eat poutine and had some yummy Timmy's doughnuts! :)

We also took the CELPIP language test (a required test for immigration), which was a bit nerve-racking, if ultimately not as awful as my anxiety had built it up to be. The language test was also our first concrete step in the immigration process, which is now slowly, very slowly, rolling forward.

Streetcar lines

I didn't take all that many photos in Toronto, since I didn't feel a whole lot like a tourist there, more like a potential future resident. The few photos I did snap can be seen in my Flickr, here: my North American Adventure photos!

Pigeons of The 6ix

While I don't mind not having more photos of the city, I do wish I'd taken photos of all the black squirrels scuttling about all over the place, but the little critters were very camera shy and I didn't manage to snap a photo of a single one! I even saw an albino squirrel, and lots of fat pigeons, but I didn't catch sight of a racoon in the wild, even though they are ubiquitous in everything from shop signage to tourist souvenirs.

We flew out of Toronto and headed to New York a few days before Christmas, and while I was sad to leave Toronto behind, it is good to know that we'll be back there, and hopefully soon! :)


So nice to meet you in person. Glad you're home safely, and looking forward to you moving to Toronto soon.

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