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September 20, 2016

Hello September!


It's been a long, long, long time indeed since I last updated here. Since my last post in February, such a lot of stuff has happened!

First and foremost, the biggest thing is us selling our apartment and moving into a lovely little flat in the heart of the city, last Easter. We'll stay here in our Pigeon's Nest (as I've named the place) until we get our emigrating-to-Canada-things all done. We've all settled in nicely, and even though the whole moving process left me frazzled and rather out of sorts, I've been loving living in the city proper again. Everything, and I do mean everything, is so near and cleaning a tiny flat is so, so, so much easier and quicker than getting a big apartment tidy. :)

Asides from the move, there's been a lot of little happenings in the, gosh, over half a year since my last update! I went on a day trip to Tallinn with my friends, spent a fun Midsummer at a friend's cabin, my cousin got married (the wedding was absolutely lovely!), I and BooBoo Kitty both turned a year older, and I volunteered at the Helsinki Comics Festival, and had the chance to meet one of my plushie idols, Felt Mistress, there. And in-between all of this, there's been a lot of spending time with J. and BooBoo and friends, indulging in my knitting addiction, and even getting a bit of sewing (made myself some clothes) done.


In actual Rag Pet related news, not much has been happening because I just haven't had the capacity to concentrate on rag-petting very much, but I did get this very handy stamping thing-y, so I can now label Rag Pets quick and easy!

I know I always say I'll try and update this blog more frequently, but I think this 7 month unplanned hiatus kind of shows that such plans will fail regardless of how much I'd like to keep them. So, I'll just say thank you to everyone who's still keeping up with me and the Rag Pets despite my very sparse updates, and that I'll post next whenever I can and get around to it. :)


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