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October 04, 2016

Hey, San Francisco!

I plumb forgot to mention about this in my last post, so here, a whole new post!

We're in San Francisco! :)
We'll be spending all of October here, which give us plenty of time to explore, sightsee and to simply enjoy Autumn in a city neither of us has ever been to before.
We already have a list of places we'd like to see and stuff we'd like to do, but I'd love to hear any suggestions you lot might have for things to do and see in The City by the Bay, and in Oakland too, since that's where we'll be staying for the duration of our trip. Since Autumn is starting to make its presence known here, and I'm hoping that it will have time to be at its very best and most colourful during our stay, I'd love to manage a trip further out too, for example to Muir Woods to see the magnificent redwoods. Although I do rather want to see the redwoods regardless of Autumn's progress.

Having spent 21 hours traveling here yesterday and jet-lag very much messing up our every rhythm possible, we're spending this first day here on the Left Coast just resting and relaxing.

Hello there San Francisco!

Thanks to travel leaving me a bit discombobulated and loopy, I'll just leave this post at that, and go enjoy the spectacular view from the veranda and a nice cuppa. :)


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