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January 01, 2017

Happy happy 2017!

Happy happy 2017!

Happy New Year everybody! :)

I am really looking forward to this shiny new year! Last year felt like we were just plodding in place, especially as far as our Big Move was concerned. Even though we did manage to take a few steps forward, like selling our apartment and moving into our little temporary flat, and we did get some prefatory paperwork done too, but the actual move still seems to be just as far away as it was this time a year back. I am really, really hoping that this year will see it all move forward in great leaps, because I am getting rather tired of living in stasis.

Just like our Big Move, pretty much all things Rag Pets have been very quiet last year. Thanks to our little move into our little flat, all the Rag Pets have been boxed up and stored in a closet. Sewing has been a bit of a bother to get to too, as everything has to be especially taken out and set up for it, and then when I'm done with it for the day, everything has to be put away, or at least out of reach of the cat's paws.
I have been knitting a whole lot this past year though! Knitting is much easier to manage here in our little nest, and it's also very portable, so I can do it where ever I may be. I am hoping to keep up the knitting this year and I'm planning on lots of cuddly, cute knits for future Rag Pets to wear.
Oh! And I'm working on getting the patterns for my crochet critters done, so everyone can crochet a cute bear, bunny or elephant themselves. Right now, the pattern just needs a few little additions, checking and some editing, and then it should be done!

I have such high hopes for this year, and I wish 2017 will be wonderful and kind to all. :)


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