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November 21, 2017

A lion's share of updates

I seem to start every single entry in this way now days, but it's been well over half a year since I last updated, and gosh that's a long, long time! Although, to be fair, I haven't really been rag-petting much at all in all that time, so there hasn't really been much to write about any ways.

Now, after a long time of not making any new Rag-Pets, I've gotten back into the sewing groove and in just a week, I've made a small pride of custom rag-lions!

The first ones were a pair of teeny tiny lions for a friend to give as a wedding present to his friends who got married last weekend.

Teeny tiny rag-lions

These itty bitty rag-lions are all of 15 cm tall, and they are the smallest Rag-Pets I've ever made! It was really fun to work in such a small size; I find the fiddly sewing to be a nice challenge.
I'm happy to say that these littlest rag-lions were a big hit with the newly weds, and the rest of the wedding party as well.

After the tiny rag-lions I made a regular sized rag-lion as a custom commission for a lovely customer and her lovely son.

Leo is a lovely lion

Leo is super at playing ball, and he's always roaring to go for a fast-paced bike ride all around the neighbourhood.

Leo's tail

Leo has a mighty fine tail too, even if he says so himself. And I came by the idea how to make his tail by chance! Fiddling with the wool fabric Leo is made from, I noticed that it unravels really easily and tidily, and that's how Leo's tail got the little tuft at the end of it. :)

I'm really happy with how the lions' manes turned out too, I learned how to crochet loops to make them. I like how you can make different "hairstyles" with the manes, like how I gave the rambunctious Leo a more messier coiffure than groom lion's neat mane.

I know I say this every single time I update, but I will try to keep on updating this blog more often. I'm hoping that this current Rag-Pet streak will keep up for a long time!


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